If you are powering up the Microcontroller Brick for the first time, or if you are operating under a different environment, you need to go through the setup procedure to connect it to a local WiFi access point first.

The easiest way to do this is to connect the OLED Display Brick to Port 4E on the Microcontroller Brick, then power it up. The Microcontroller Brick will create a temporay WiFi access point and displays its name on the OLED screen.

rbx startup 01

Now using a smartphone or computer, connect to this temporarily WiFi access point. You will be brought to the setup page. Select "Configure WiFi", then select the target WiFi access point ("UNIVERSE" in the sample screenshot) and enter the access password.

rbx startup 02  rbx startup 03

When you click Save, the Microcontroller Brick will try to connect to the specified WiFi access point and obtain an IP address. If it is successful, it will display the IP address on the OLED display:

rbx startup 04

The Microcontroller Brick will remember the WiFi access point credentials. So when it is next powered up, it will automatically connect to the same access point and display its IP address if successful. If the conneciton is unsuccessful, it will fire up temporaily WiFi access point again for the setup procedure to be performed.

You can now access the RBX Web IDE (hosted on the Microncontroller Brick) through a web browser:

rbx startup 05

Clicking the  button will run the stub program via the Javascript runtime and print "Hello World!" to the console below:

rbx startup 06