rbx color sensor assembled

The Color Sensor Brick is based on the TCS230 Color Sensor module that measures color using an 8x8 array of photodiodes. 

The input pins S2 and S3 lets you switch between 16 red, green or blue filtered photodiodes, while the OUT pin then emits a square wave with a frequency proportional to the light intensity of the selected color

part tcs230 color sensor

Parts list

TCS230 Color Sensor 1
2-pin JST XH connector (male) 1
4-pin JST XH connector (male) 1
M2 self-tapping screw 4


Desolder the pin header, or cut off the pins with a cutter. Solder the JST XH connectors to the TCS230 Color Sensor.

For the 2-pin connector, solder the red wire to OUT, and black wire to GND.

For the 4-pin connector, solder the red wire to VCC and black wire to GND. Yellow wire connects to S3, while white wire connects to S2.

At the other end of the sensor module, bridge S0 and S1 to VCC with some solder. This sets output scaling frequency to 100% according to the specs.

rbx color sensor circuit 01 rbx color sensor circuit 02

Optionally strengthen the solder joints with a bit of hot glue.


Print out the parts of the enclosure on a 3D printer.

rbx color sensor 3dview

Sit the module on the bottom piece.

rbx color sensor assembly 01

Align with top piece, and secure with 4 x M2 screws.

rbx color sensor assembly 02

Line up four 2x1 brickbases on a faceplate, two rows apart. Surround the brickbases with a few other bricks to assist in alignment.

rbx color sensor assembly 03

Add two drops of superglue on each brickbase and mount the module. Press and hold for 60s.

rbx color sensor assembly 04

The finished module:

rbx color sensor assembled rbx color sensor assembled 02