rbx motor power assembled

The Motor Power Brick uses the MT3608 DC-DC Booster to scale the supply battery voltage to 6V for the Motor Brick or Servo Brick.

mt 3608

Parts list

MT3608 DC-DC Booster 1
2-pin JST SM connector (female) 1
2-pin JST RCY connector (female) 2
M2 self-tapping screw 4


Solder the JST SM connector to the VIN terminals of the booster.

Solder the two JST RCY connectors to the VOUT terminals of the booster.

rbx motor power circuit 01 rbx motor power circuit 02

Connect the booster to the Battery Brick via the newly soldered JST SM connector.

Using a multimeter, measure the voltage on VOUT. At the same time, turn the screw on the potentiometer with a small screwdriver until the output voltage is around 6V.


Print out the enclosure parts on a 3D printer.

rbx motor power 3dview

Sit the booster on the bottom piece, and arrange the wires in the grooves. Optionally secure the wires with a small amount of hot glue.

rbx motor power assembly 01

Mount the top piece with 4 x M2 screws.

rbx motor power assembly 02

Line up two 3x1 brickbases on a faceplate, five rows apart. Surround the brickbases with a few other bricks to assist in alignment.

rbx motor power assembly 03

Add two drops of superglue on each brickbase and mount the module. Press and hold for 60s.

rbx motor power assembly 04

The finished module:

rbx motor power assembled