rbx pushbutton assembled

The Pushbutton Brick is made from a 12mm 4-pin pushbutton found in many Arduino starter kit.

part pushbutton

One side of the switch is pulled up to VCC via a 10KΩ resistor, while the other side of the switch is connected to GND.

The data line is connected to the VCC side of the switch, so it is normally HIGH. When the pushbutton is pressed, the data line is pulled LOW.

Parts list

12mm 4-pin pushbutton 1
10kΩ resistor 1
3-pin JST XH connector (male) 1
M2 self-tapping screw 4


Take the pushbutton and solder the 10KΩ resistor to one side of the switch.

Solder the JST XH connector to the pushbutton assembly as shown below (red wire to resistor).

 rbx pushbutton circuit


Print out the enclosure parts on a 3D printer.

 rbx pushbutton 3dview

Insert the pushbutton into the cut-out in the top piece, and arrange the wires in the grooves. Optionally secure the wires with a small amount of hot glue.

 rbx pushbutton assembly 01

Secure into the bottom piece with 4 x M2 screws.

rbx pushbutton assembly 02

Line up two 3x1 brickbases on a faceplate, two rows apart. Surround the brickbases with a few other bricks to assist in alignment.

rbx pushbutton assembly 04

Add two drops of super glue on each brickbase and mount the module. Press and hold for 60s.

rbx pushbutton assembly 05

The finished module with the button cap mounted:

rbx pushbutton assembled