The microcontroller firmware is a PlatformIO project. The source files are located in the firmware folder.

Installation of PlatformIO is beyond the scope of this document. Please refer to the website to find out how to install PlatformIo for your OS. PlatformIO is dependent on VSCode.

Select File > Open Folder... under VSCode and open the firmware folder.

Click on the PlatformIO icon on the left sidebar. Under Project Tasks, select env:esp32dev

rbx platformio build

Select Upload to build the firmware and upload it to the Microcontroller Brick via a micro-USB cable. The firmware is basically made up of the files under src and lib. They provide the core services such as web server, Javascript runtime and interfaces to the various RBX bricks.

Select Upload Filesystem Image to upload the files in www to the flash filesystem in the ESP32. These files form the Web IDE frontend, and talk to the Javascript runtime to facilitate the execution of user scripts.