rbx rotary switch


var rsw = new RotarySwitch(PORT_2C, PORT_4D); 
var value = 0; 
while(true) { 
  var newValue = value + rsw.getDelta(); 
  // Only print value if it changes
  if (value != newValue) {
    value = newValue;
    print("Value = " + value);
  if (rsw.clicked()) print("Button clicked");


RotarySwitch(port2, port4); 
getDelta(); // get +/- change in rotation since the last vall to getDelta()
on(); // returns true if button is pressed
off(); // returns true if button is not pressed
clicked(); // returns true if button has been pressed and released since the last call

Note that clicked() returns true once if at least one button click has been detected since the last call. Subsequent calls to clicked() will return false unless another button click is detected.